Latest Pen Color Picker

compact accurate color picker pen that picks any color around you and draws in that same color, the Scribble, is the subject of a new Kickstarter campaign with the goal of bringing the exciting new technology to the
market quickly and open up an entire world of color opportunities for its future owners.

The idea that you can quickly pick any color around you and instantly draw using that same color on paper or on your favorite mobile device is an appealing one. This is a cutting edge technology that’s on the verge of becoming a household gadget, thanks to the recently announced Kickstarter campaign for the Scribble Pen, the world’s first color picking pen. Developed by Scribble, this innovative pen can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colors.

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  2. I'd like this possibility is amazing for me but I wish you would tell me that price at the same time because I think it's amazing I would like to have one but depends on the price thank you very much