Transparent Phone latest technology

Transparent Phone Based on AMOLED and E Ink Technologies.
We have already seen new windows phone concept with transparent display. What if you could activate a bright AMOLED screen for regular phone tasks and then switch to an E Ink display while its on standby to conserve battery power? The result is a smartphone that could last more than one day — requiring less recharges. That's what the Second Life Mobile Phone Concept is.

Designed by Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae, the Second Life Mobile Phone Concept was created with the belief that battery life is the most important aspect of a smartphone. There's no disagreeing on that one — we always find ourselves wishing our iPhones lasted longer (and that's without playing so much DoodleJump).
What's cool about the Second Life isn't just that its screen is a hybrid AMOLED and E Ink one, but that the entire device is really one large screen that will slowly turn transparent as its battery depletes itself.
Based on the concept renderings, the phone looks like it'll run on Android and looks unrealistically thin. We also spy what seems like a hefty camera. Too bad it's just a concept or we'd be all over it by now.


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